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Gold Horse Consignment LLC is New & Used Equine Tack and Apparel for all Disciplines!
Gold Horse Consignment LLC carries all types of items from the English and Western world!  You will find things like saddles, all types of tack (Show and Everyday), hats, helmets, boots, saddle pads, blankets, show clothes of all disciplines, everyday equine fashion wear, breeches, chaps, equine home decor item, gifts and novelties!
Is your tack room over flowing with stuff you just don’t use anymore? How about your closet? What are you doing with those boots you just don’t wear anymore or that showmanship jacket that doesn’t go with the color you are showing in this year? What about that saddle blanket you won at last years awards banquet that is still in the plastic?
Bring your stuff to Gold Horse Consignment LLC and earn money to get that new showmanship jacket or come see what other people have brought in! Here’s your opportunity to clean out your closet/barn, MAKE $$$ and refill your closet/tack room with “new to you” merchandise! Gold Horse Consignment LLC specializes in giving new life to any item an equine enthusiast would need.
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